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Jerash and Mount Nebo – The Final Chapter

On our second to last day in Jordan, we visited two sites near Amman. Our first stop was the ruins of Jerash. Jerash was a large Roman city and has some of the best preserved ruins from that era.



The top left and bottom right photos are from one of the city’s amphitheaters. We took turns standing exactly in the middle where we could speak and hear our voices amplified as if from a speaker. We were also treated to a surprise bagpipe performance!


A colonnaded street on the left and the forum on the right.

Our second stop was Mount Nebo, where Moses viewed the Promised Land before his death.



Top right, a sculpture of the snake in the desert Moses raised up in Numbers 21 for the healing of Israel. Bottom right, looking out into the Promised Land.

The next day, our last day in Jordan, we visited a church in Amman serving Syrian and Iraqi refugees. We were able to share a meal with the pastor’s family and members of the congregation as well as attending a worship service. We then helped distribute food purchased with funds many of you contributed. In order to protect the privacy of the refugees, we abstained from taking pictures but I want to share that your financial and prayer support are greatly appreciated.

It has been a pleasure to share this experience with all of you. This trip will stick with me for the rest of my life and if you ever have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land, I implore you to take advantage of the chance.


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