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On this day we crossed the border from Israel to Jordan. A new country meant a new guide and new bus. So we all got off our old bus, watched our luggage get loaded onto a big cart and then walked through customs and immigration to where our new driver was waiting.

Once we got situated, we headed to St. George’s Church in Madaba to see a really cool mosaic map of the ancient middle east dated to the 6th century AD.


Top: A print of the map in the visitor’s center. The left side is north. Bottom: The mosaic map on the church floor. The blue area top right is the dead sea, the row of red roofs with a white line around them is Jerusalem.

Our second stop was Kerak Castle built by the Crusaders.


Exploring the ruins of the castle . . .



. . . and enjoying the views. I can see why all these palaces and cities were built on the hills. The room in the bottom right photo was the kitchen.

At this point of the trip, our itinerary got much lighter. The extra time to sleep on the bus during long drives and down time at the hotel was much appreciated.



Our hotel in Petra


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