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The Sea of Galilee

While days one and two were incredible, our first day in the Galilee brought with it an added spiritual depth for me as we entered the land where Our Lord lived and walked. Our first stop was Capernaum.

The house where Peter lived and Jesus stayed

Ruins of the town

The view from the synagogue to Peter’s house, now with the church built over it. The darker layer of stones comes from the synagogue Jesus would have been in; the white synagogue was built later.

The white synagogue built on the foundation of the old synagogue after it was destroyed by an earthquake

As we began visiting sites from Jesus’ life and ministry, we noticed many more tour groups. It was an amazing reminder of how vast the global church is. Pilgrims have been coming to these places for 2000 years. Our guide told us that Jesus’ room in Capernaum contains engravings and etchings from pilgrims visiting in the first century.

Etchings from pilgrims on the rail around Peter’s house (top) and the feet of fellow pilgrims reading Scripture in another language, but still our brothers (bottom)

After Capernaum, we visited two different churches each commemorating an event in Jesus’ ministry.

The rock where Jesus split the loaves and fishes to feed the five thousand in John 6 (top left), the beach where Peter was restored by Jesus after betraying him (top right), and the rock where Jesus called out to Peter while he was still on the boat in John 21 (bottom photo).

We had a beautiful communion service near the water.  We were on holy ground and words cannot capture the sacredness of all we experienced in this day. 

After a fish lunch, we took a short little cruise around the Sea of Galilee and then visited the Jesus Boat and got to put our feet in the water.

A fishing boat from Jesus’ time uncovered in the 1980’s

Attempting to walk on the Sea of Galilee

This trip keeps getting richer and will be continued with Day 2 in the Galilee.


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