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Following Peter and Welcoming Shabbat

Our first stop of the day and and last stop in Tel Aviv was City Hall, also the site of the assassination of one of Israel’s Prime Ministers by an Israeli.

This memorial in Tel Aviv is designed to resemble the wreckage of an earthquake to represent the trauma of this assassination for the Israelis.

After leaving Tel Aviv, we headed north along the coast to Caesarea. Remember the dream Peter had in Jaffa about the clean and unclean animals? That dream prepared Peter to accept an invitation from Cornelius to visit his home in Caesarea. We got to explore the ruins of the ancient harbor city.

We found Bigfoot and the capitols of ancient columns.

On top is the Herodian Amphitheater, the venue for horse racing and other sporting events. The bottom photo is the ruins of the neighborhood where Cornelius probably lived.

The ruins of Herod’s swimming pool.

The Theater

A fortress built by Crusaders with a moat. Unlike in Europe, there was not enough water to fill the moat.


We enjoyed a lovely lunch overlooking the sea in Caesarea then traveled to Mount Caramel and the Galilee.

From the top of Mount Carmel we could see a valley used as a passageway between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Top right is Tel Yokneam, a city conquered by the Israelites in Joshua 12:22. The bottom photo includes Nazareth, the Jezreel Valley, the Gilboa Mountains where King Saul died, and Mount Tabor, the traditional Mount of Transfiguration.

Here we are reading the story of Elijah’s sacrifice showdown with Baal worshippers from 1 Kings 18.

Our final stop was our tour guide’s Kibbutz, or home community. We attended a Shabbat service and then shared a wonderful Shabbat dinner with Anat, her family, and Rabbi Amy.

Anat demonstrating an ancient wine press and showing off her home’s amazing views.

We have had a couple minor health issues so please keep us in your prayers. We would also appreciate prayers as we process the many complicated issues of this land.


One thought on “Following Peter and Welcoming Shabbat

  1. Yes will pray on health recovery and travel mercies. Wonderful pictures, journaling and historical facts. I feel like I’m on the journey with you reading about it as you travel each day. Kudos to the writer. Shalom!
    Regina Lau


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